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Värmdö, Stockholms län, 139 53


Kajsa Avila Design

Contemporary fashion jewellery, accessories in leather, one off jewellery and sculptured stoneware products. 

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The circle and triangle are used since forever, in everything from religion to fashion, interpreting by all cultures in so many different way. I see it like chose a sign, add your own value. The Tie necklace is designed as a kind of "power jewelleryt" like a symbol of your own impact, as a modern amulet. Newest in are jewelry's in sterling silver, the circle, triangle and tie are still there, but aslo unshaped forms like Mode and Piece. The webshop is about to be filled with news. Welcome to have a look! 

                                                                                                                                                       Kajsa Avila, designer



Photos: Caique Silverios

"I'm not terrible interested in beauty, what touches me is someone who understands herself" Vivienne Westwood